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Belka Breaks Sales Records In Pandemic!

Belka Signed A New Sales Success In The Pandemic

People’s buying behavior has significantly evolved by the pandemic that has deeply affected the whole world. Many prefer no longer natural, healthy, and high-quality products for themselves and their loved ones.

The pandemic showed us again how much matter health our lives. For this reason, many people have started to prefer healthy products more than before.

Belka has recently started to break sales records because Belka wallpaper meets the need for healthy wall covering products of the customers.

Belka Groups reached over 30.000 M2 daily sales volume. The secret to its success is Belka’s unique features.

Belka is a new technology cotton wallpaper, 100% natural and ecological. PH value of the cotton provides the healthiest conditions for all living. The food, water, and air must have an accurate PH value because the PH value is significant for human life. Belka cotton wallpaper with a PH value of 7 has the best value for life.

One of the innovations that Covid-19 brought to our lives is to rise of DIY (do it yourself) products. At this point, Belka wallpaper comes forward by its effortless application. Plus, it is odorless, healthy, and anti-allergic, even safe to use in baby rooms.

Besides those, with its thermal insulation feature, it reduces your electricity and gas bill. So you protect the environment by saving both energy and your money.

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