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New Modern Art Coloring Techniques With Belka

Creating A Unique Design With Art Coloring Technique Abstract wave painting patterns are the new favorite of modern art patterns! Ocean waves, line background, line art, and more! Belka opens the doors of Alice Wonderlands to make your dreams come true in interiors. The unordinary designs made on the SPA walls with Belka impress hotel

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Belka Shows Up With New Chain Store in Kenya

Belka’s Chain Stores Increases Constantly Belka Groups increases its market share in Africa by start-up chain stores in Kenya. In 2019, the company reached 12 chain stores in Ghana. Now it is enlarging in the market also in Kenya. Since 1996, Belka has been committed to following its principles. Its determination about customer satisfaction, sustainable

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Belka Hosted Hundreds Of Visitors To The Korea 2021 Goyang

Belka Joined Korea 2021 Goyang Fair Belka attracted hundreds of visitors worldwide to its fair stand with its colorful designs and quality products. After the application free workshops, the participants mentioned their satisfaction with the product. They said the Belka wallpaper application is easy, effortless, and fun. Plus, they said that unlike other products in

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Belka Groups Enlarges Its African Market With Ghana

Founded in 1996, with over 25 years of experience, Belka Groups continues to grow steadily worldwide. Pioneering the building material market, Belka enlarges its sales channels all over the world. Recently, the company made a distributorship agreement with Gana.

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Hyundai Pioneers Sustainability By Choosing Belka

Hyundai Shows Again Its Commitment To Sustainability Hyundai Motors Company shows at every opportunity how it is committed to sustainability. Even in the smallest of its choices, Hyundai doesn’t give up on protecting the world. As declared by Jaehoon Chang, Hyundai President & CEO:  “Hyundai Motor Company’s management philosophy that places humanity above all other considerations

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Belka Breaks Sales Records In Pandemic!

Belka Signed A New Sales Success In The Pandemic People’s buying behavior has significantly evolved by the pandemic that has deeply affected the whole world. Many prefer no longer natural, healthy, and high-quality products for themselves and their loved ones. The pandemic showed us again how much matter health our lives. For this reason, many

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