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Our love for nature and our passion for protecting the world drove us to produce Belka, the most ecological wallpaper ever.

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25 June 2018

LNSP: Contains No Chemicals Certificate

LNPS (National Public Health Lab), functioning since 1956, makes tests to ensure the best environment for human health.


LNSP approves that Belka does not contain any chemicals.

25 June 2018

25 June 2018

TSE: Fire Resistance Certificate

TSE, fonctionning since 1954, is representant of Iturkey for ISO and IEC.

TSE measured Belka’s reaction against fire according to En 13501-1 fire classification standards. Belka demonstrated that it is fire resistant with this internationally recognized certificate.

25 June 2018

04 March 2012

KCL: Toxicology Test Certificate

KLC tested Belka, according to the official standards of the Korean Ministry for Environment. Belka proved once again its reliability in human health and environmental protection as not possessing any harmful chemicals.

04 March 2012

06 September 2010

GIC: OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety And Health Certificate

Belka is determined to ensure the best work conditions for its employees with whom it forwards. It received OHSAS 18001 Certificate to prevent all incidents and secure the working areas. Belka continues its activities considering these international standards.

06 September 2010

4 April 2010

GIC: ISO 10002 Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction Certificate

Belka analyzes, in advance, all the circumstances that can cause customer complaints and find proper solutions. ISO 10002 Certificate approves that Belka is committed to high customer satisfaction.


4 April 2010

06 July 2009

GIC: ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate

ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a globally recognized system aiming to increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations. Belka takes steps forward to understand the sector’s needs and customers and generate a solution for them.

06 July 2009

06 July 2009

GIC: ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certificate

ISO 14001 represents international standards for environmental protection. It aims to take under control and minimize damage effects to the environment, from the raw material to the final product.


06 July 2009

30 October 2008

KKFI – Fire Resistance Certificate

The Korea Fire Brigade Institute is a public organization established in 1977 to protect people and property from fire accidents. Belka passed the fire resistance measurement test of KFI.

30 October 2008

14 December 2007

Bodycote ve Warringtonfire Fire Safety Certificate (According to Building Regulations)

Belka has passed fire safety tests related to Building Regulations and achieved excellent results.

14 December 2007

14 December 2007

Bodycote ve Warringtonfire Flame Retardant Certificate (According to Building Regulations)

Through the tests, Belka proved that it doesn’t support fire and is a flame retardant product.

14 December 2007

14 December 2007

Bodycote ve Warringtonfire Non-Fire Spread Certificate

As a result of fire spread tests, Belka proved that it does not support fire in case of fire.

14 December 2007

18 April 2006

AWTA Non-Flammability Certificate

AWTA Ltd (Australian Wool Testing Authority) is the world’s largest wool testing organization. Belka’s products have successfully passed the combustion and emission test AWTA by failing to ignite.

18 April 2006
belka warrington fire resistance certificate

Warrington Fire Resistance Certificate

Approved By Warrington Certification Center. Based on fire propagation test.

belka tse fire resistance certificate

TSE Fire Resistance Certificate

Approved by TSE in Turkey.

belka lnsp toxicology test

LNSP Toxicology Test

Approved by LNSP Laboratory at Ivory Coast. It certifies that Belka has no harmful chemicals.

belka cnas certificate

CNAS Certificate

Approved by CNAS in China.

belka sgs thermal insulation certificate

SGS Thermal Insulation Certificate

Approved by SGS in China.

belka chemtech insulation certificate

CHEMTECH Insulation Certificate

Approved by CHEMTECH in Australia.

belka qalcert quality certificate

QALCERT Quality Certificate

Approved by QALCERT in the UK.

belka qalcert iso 9001 qms certificate

QALCERT ISO 9001 QMS Certificate

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate approved by QALCERT in the UK.

belka kfi fire resistance test

KFI Fire Resistance Test

Approved by KFI - Korean Fire Institute-.

belka kcl toxicology test

KCL Toxicology Test

Approved by KCL - Korea Conformity Laboratories-.

belka kcl emission and tvoc and vocs tests

KCL Emission & TVOC & VOCs Tests

Approved by KCL - Korea Conformity Laboratories-.

belka awta flammability and emission tests

AWTA Flammability & Emission Tests

Approved by AWTA in Australia.

belka belkakore isletme kaydi

Korean Enterprise Registration 1

Korean Enterprise Registration.

belka avustralya 2009 en iyi yeni urun

HIA-Homeshow Ödülü

HIA - HOMESHOW 2009 En iyi yeni ürün ödülü.


Inspired by nature, we designed Belka for healthy living spaces.

We are committed to protecting life and providing a healthy, safe and sustainable environment. Go Green with Belka.

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