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Experience luxury and sustainability like never before with Belka's natural material wallpapers. Redefine sophistication and style in your interiors. Keywords: luxury, sustainability, sophistication, natural materials.

What is Belka?

Belka offers a revolutionary approach to interior wall decoration, harnessing the natural properties of cotton to create a luxurious and eco-friendly solution. With its unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, Belka transforms living spaces into elegant and comfortable environments

Heat Insulation

Up to 80% thermal insulation, keeping spaces cozy and energy-efficient.

Sound Insulation

Offers up to 60% soundproofing, ensuring peaceful and quiet interiors.

%100 Natural

Crafted from 100% natural cotton, ensuring a healthy and eco-friendly choice for interior decoration.

On Every Surface

Adaptable to every surface, offering versatile and seamless application for interior walls and ceilings.

Easy To Apply

Belka ensures a hassle-free experience with its easy-to-apply feature, making interior wall decoration a breeze for all users.


Belka stands the test of time with its durable construction, ensuring that your interior walls maintain their beauty and integrity for years to come.

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Most Energy Saving Wallpaper Ever

The research showed that electricity and gas costs are the leading budget items. Belka decreases your energy bills by providing up to 80% thermal insulation. Through savings on your energy bills, it returns your investment a.s.a.p.

Up To 80%
Thermal Insulation
0 %

Both Decoration Both Insulation

We Offer a Lucrative Job Oppurtunity To Our Partners

Join Our Team: Unlock lucrative opportunities by becoming a Belka partner.

Explore the rewarding path to success with us.

Enter a New Era in Interior Wall Coverings

Experience the Future: Welcome to a new era of interior wall covering with Belka. Embrace innovation and elevate your space to unprecedented levels of style and sophistication.

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No Need To Turn Off Your Business, Neither To Leave Your Home While Using

Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Self adhesive wallpaper Belka saves your time and money. Made with the latest luxury design technology, it increases the quality of your life.

Saves Your Time

This product is easy to apply and does not need preliminary before use. You can DIY.
It is time saving.

Saves Your Money

You buy luxury decoration and thermal insulation both. It guarantees energy saving both in your home and in your office.


Friendly to human and animal health and nature. Cruelty free. Vegan. It cares for your and your family's health.

Add more style to your style and dazzle people with Belka, the new favorite of architects.

Remarkable Luxury Places With A Nice Touch

designer favorit belka

The tastes and lifestyles of residents specify the home decoration ideas. People want to have luxurious, stylish, and remarkable houses but also comfortable.

The pureness and beauty of cotton inspired us. So we produced Belka wallpaper, worthy of luxury places. You can get stunning and trendy wallpaper designs.

Have a look at valuable clues for luxury decoration.

Modern life is getting more and more stressful. People are looking for a place to relax. They desire to be happy about every detail of their home. Besides comfort, people are willing to try creative and impressive new trends.

The comfort and peace at home are wellness. Living in a peaceful place where we like the design makes us happier and more successful.

See how you can design your home with comfort and luxury.

You can do it yourself with joy. For many families, this becomes an enjoyable weekend activity using Belka.
It’s easy to use and doesn’t need any preliminary before use. You can apply it while you’re at your office or home. Without turning off your business or covering furniture, you can do it. It allows applying piecemeal. You can use it barehand because it’s healthy, natural, and safe. Plus, your living area stays clean afterward.

See how you can DIY.

People care for every detail while decorating. They want to find the most suitable design for their lifestyle.

So what is your favorite decoration style? The answer is up to you. Which one do you prefer?

Retro style with nostalgia, minimalist style with simplicity, or unusual Gothic architecture? Or further sophisticated as mixed decoration style?

Whatever you choose, do not forget to prefer the design that will make you happier. The choice is all yours.

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