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What is new technology wallpaper?

What is new technology wallpaper

Belka New Technology Wallpaper

Belka is a 100% natural product, based on pure cotton and Belka mineral stones. Cotton fibers are made up of herbal cells. Although they differ in shape, they have similar features. The plant cells are covered by a protective cellulose shell. Raw cotton also contains the same substances as a plant, other than cellulose. However, nearly 90% of cotton, consists of cellulose.

Each cotton fiber is made up of plant cells. Although they differ in shape, they have the same properties. The plant cells have a protective shell made of cellulose. Raw cotton also contains substances other than cellulose that a plant contains. However, almost all of its structure consists of cellulose. The cellulose content in cotton is around 90%.

The Benefits of Producing Belka from Cotton

The Benefits of Producing Belka from Cotton

Main Features Of The Cotton

  • One of the most useful plants for human health
  • Natural
  • Has a soft fabric
  • Has natural fibers that make it antistatic.
  • Breathable structure
  • Absorbs moisture (humidity) and heat.
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Provides thermal/ heat insulation.
  • Is insect free
  • Has a PH degree which is favorable for human health.
  • Is antiallergic.

Cotton’s cellulose structure provides thermal insulation. Cellulose prevents heat loss in its environment and ensures high energy efficiency. Therefore, in the f&b, textile, and construction industries, experts frequently use cotton in production.

In this section, you can find detailed information about the structure and properties of cellulose.

Cellulose (C6H10O5)n, is a substance that makes up most of the plant cell structure. It is in the carbohydrate class.

When cellulose is getting thinner, it contains nearly 44 % carbon, 49 % oxygen, and 6 % hydrogen.

It was found to contain. The chemical signature is C6H10O5.

O: Oxygen H: Hydrogen

HO: Hydrogen and Oxygen OH: Hydroxide

What is cellulose?

What is Cellulose

There is both hemicellulose and lignin inside the plant cell. But its crystal structure differs cellulose’s arrangement from other substances.

Cellulose helps plants to remain stiff, upright, and durable.

Herbivorous animals secrete cellulose enzymes thanks to the bacteria in their intestines. Animals cannot use cellulose as an energizer.

Cellulose is the molecule usually preferred in production. Artificial silk, paper, explosives, ceramics, and paint are some of the products which used cellulose.

Cellulose is insoluble in water and does not react with iodine. When mixed with dilute sodium hydroxide, there is mercerized cotton.

Where does cellulose exist in nature?

Cellulose exists within the structure of plants living on land. Its rate depends on the plants:

  • 90% in cotton
  • 50% in wood
  • 30% in straw 

What kind of a substance is cellulose?

Structure of Cellulose:
95% efficient D-glucose occurs after hydrolyzing cellulose.

Where are the areas of cellulose’s use?

We use cellulose in many industries. The most commons are the paper, textile, and food industries:

  • In the paper industry: Adhesive, plywood, and ink production.
  • In the textile industry: The thermal insulation feature makes it essential for textile products.
  • Cleaning and self-care products: Detergent, toothpaste, and shampoo production.
  • Insecticides: Belka is an anti-insect product. It derives this feature from the structure of cellulose.
  • Food sector: Production of salep, yogurt, baklawa, and phyllo.
  • Production of ceramic and refractory materials.
  • It helps to the reduction of the filtrates in drilling mud.

Cellulose Is The New Technology of Insulation

Benefits of Cellulose For The Insulation

Cellulose is a beneficial substance for human life. Today, cellulose has become widespread in many sectors, especially in the food sector. The human body cannot digest vegetable cellulose. However, cellulose can reduce the effect of vascular disorders, problems in the spinal cord, and diseases in the large intestine.
In other sectors, its consumption is possible without being taken into the body. Therefore, people use it in other sectors too. Unlike chemical-containing products, it benefits people because it comes from a natural structure.
Excessive consumption of many foods is harmful to the human body. For this reason, we should avoid overconsumption of this product.

Protect The Earth With Cellulose

The cotton contains about 90% of cellulose. We produce Belka wallpaper from 100% pure cotton. For this reason, it includes a large amount of cellulose. The properties of the cellulose-based insulation material Belka are as follows:

  • It does not contain carcinogenic substances. It is human and nature friendly.
  • It is antibacterial.
  • Recyclable. The quality of cellulose does not deteriorate when recycled.
  • Cellulose shows resistance to flammability. Cellulose-based insulation materials maintain their fire-resistant properties for years. In addition to not catching fire, it does not emit toxic smoke in case of fire, unlike other products.
  • Cellulose has a high density. It is one of the materials that minimize airflow. For this reason, its thermal conductivity is low. The lower the thermal conductivity value of a product, the higher its heat insulation ability.
  • Cellulose-based insulation material does not harbor insects. An area with a pH of 7 is the safest environment for human health. Belka has this level. Insects cannot shelter in such an area.

Belka Application Areas

Belka Application Areas

Belka on Every Surface

You can apply Belka on any surface as plaster, cement, paint, ceramic, tile, Belka, glass, plastic, etc. However, there is emphasis when applying to each facial. Here we have compiled recommendations, tips, and hints to help you get the best performance from Belka.


Belka application on a drywall surface is easy. Under normal circumstances, you must use paste. Plus, you also have to sand the wall beforehand. But with Belka, all these efforts are not necessary. If the drywall is proper, you can directly apply Belka. But the ungalvanized screws can oxidize in contact with water. To prevent this, you can paint or putty to screws.


In the case of applying Belka to the plaster, we recommend using a primer. Plaster absorbs water and dries quickly. It may mix with some Belka colors and lighten the color of Belka. To prevent such a situation, we recommend applying a waterproof primer.


Under normal conditions, people apply three coats of plaster to the cement. However, there is no need to use the last layer of plaster in an area where Belka is applied. You can apply Belka as the third layer of plaster.

Grout / Stucco

You can apply Belka without preliminary preparation on grout. For the best performance, you have to apply Belka directly to the surface. We don’t recommend the application if there is dust on the grout because this powder may reduce the efficiency of Belka. For this reason, you should better apply Belka to the grout after cleaning the dust with a dump cloth. Then you can have a better result and performance from Belka.

Gas Concrete (Aerated Concrete)

You can apply Belka on properly installed aerated concrete without any product between them.

Oily Surfaces

You can apply Belka on oily surfaces. However, we recommend you clean the oil on oily surfaces. (You can clean the oil with detergent supports). Thus, you can get much higher productivity from Belka.


Some metal surfaces may react with water. To measure whether the metal on which you will apply Belka reacts with water, you can water the surface and wait for 1 to 2 hours. If a reaction occurs, we recommend using a waterproof primer. If not, you can apply Belka after cleaning the dirt and rust.

Lime (Calcitic)

You should consider the structure of lime as a dusty surface. So you’d better clean the surface just before applying Belka. To get higher performance from Belka, we recommend using a waterproof primer on a lime surface before the application.


The surface must be clean when applying on glass. If there is dust and oil, we recommend cleaning the facial first (You may use a dishwashing detergent and a sponge for the cleaning). If you apply Belka on well-cleaned glass surfaces, you will ensure that it will remain intact for many years. You will get high efficiency from Belka.

Stone Surfaces

You can easily apply Belka on stone surfaces (ceramic, tile, etc.). For the indented stone surfaces, the depth matters. You can apply Belka directly for a deepness of around 1-2 cm. If the depth is high, we suggest using Belka with less water in the hollow areas. This way, your design will look smoother, and the efficiency of Belka will be higher.

Plastic Paint / Latex Paint / Water Base Paint

You can apply Belka to plastic-containing paint. However, if the quality of the plastic painting is not good, we suggest using a waterproof primer before application. Thus, you can obtain a higher efficiency from Belka.


We recommend applying a waterproof primer on products made of wood. You can use one layer of primer horizontally and one layer vertically. For this cross-application, you can get a durable primer. Then, you obtain higher performance from Belka.


You can easily apply Belka on wallpaper. The ease of application depends on the quality of the wallpaper. Belka adheres firmly to all surfaces. If the wallpaper is not solid enough,  it may separate from the wall during application. You can apply a test to your wallpaper to prevent this. Wet your wallpaper a little and leave it for a while. If the wallpaper does not separate from the surface, it is sound. You can apply Belka to it. However, if the wallpaper separates from the surface when pulled, we recommend you remove it first and then install Belka.


You can apply as many Belka as you wish to Belka. Thus, the efficiency you will get from Belka increases. You will increase Belka’s heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, durability, and many other great features.

Revive Your Life With Belka Colors

Belkas Natural and Unique Colors

Belka’s Natural and Unique Colors

No chemical dyes are added to Belka products when coloring. We produce Belka’s unique colors from the fantastic shades of nature. It brings cotton together with the beauty coming from the colors of plants. In this way, it does not lose anything from its naturalness.

How We Dye Belka?

Reactive Dyeing

We use the reactive dyeing method to create Belka colors. For cotton products, manufacturers usually prefer reactive dyestuffs[1]. With reactive dyeing, cotton fibers are dyed. The required alkaline environment develops, and with the salt, the uptake of dyestuff by the fiber increases. [2]. Thus, the dyeing process takes place.

During reactive dyeing, there is no need to add any substance other than dye and salt. For this reason, experts in the industry consider this dyeing process a completely natural method.


[1] Tutak M., Özdemir A. O., Reactive Dyeing of Cationized Cotton: Effects on the Dyeing Yield and the Fastness Properties, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 119: 500 – 504, 2011.

[2] Ahmed NSE, The use of sodium in the dyeing of cotton with reactive dyes, Dyes Pigments, 65, 221, 2005

Recyclable Wallpaper

Recycle For The Next Generations

Recyclable Cotton Wallpaper Belka

Recycle For The Next Generations

Belka is made of 100% pure cotton. Cotton is a recyclable and reusable product.

When some products are recycled, their structure starts to deteriorate. But when products such as gold, iron, and cotton are recycled, their structure does not deteriorate. They can be used over and over again and their value does not decrease.
Made from 100% cotton, Belka can be recycled and reused.

Use Belka To Protect The World!

Importance of Using Recyclable Products

Prevents the depletion of our natural resources.
It saves energy.
Increases the fertility of our soils.
Reduces our raw material consumption.
It benefits the economy of our country. It also benefits the world economy.
Reduces our garbage waste.
Our greenhouse gas production that causes global warming decreases. Thus, we will take a big step to prevent global warming.
The search for raw materials for production ends. It provides production again from the existing product. Thus, we provide our raw material needs from recycling products.

Cotton Recycling Symbol

Belka's Unique Mineral Stones

Mineral Stone Mica Muscovite

Mineral Stone / Mica / Muscovite

One type of mineral stone is mica. According to the research conducted by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, the importance of mica among industrial raw materials is extremely high. Industrially used micas are muscovite and phlogopite.

Belka mineral stones are muscovite.

Muscovite: It has the chemical formulas below:

KAl2(AlSi3O10)(F,OH)2 or (KF)2(Al2O3)3(SiO2)6(H2O)

Muscovite sheets usually measure 5 meters × 3 meters (16.5 feet × 10 feet). They are mostly transparent and have golden, silver, copper, and similar colors.

Mica Usage Areas

Mica Usage Areas

Benefits Of Mica As One of The Mineral Stones

Mica Usage In Living Places

Mica usage areas are diverse. Its use in many different industrial fields reveals its importance. According to General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration information, the main properties of mica are as follows:

  • Resistant to high tensile and bending
  • Providing heat insulation with its heat-proof feature
  • Resistant to moisture, burning, and melting
  • Decorative appearance with its light-reflecting and transmitting properties
  • Resistant to adhesion and friction
  • Hardens and strengthens the products and prevents also spoilage.

What are the Main Features of Mica, One of the Mineral Stones?

Unique Properties Of Mica

There are over 30 different types of mica in mica minerals. One of the most common and highly mineralized is muscovite. Muscovite can be white and transparent.

Muscovite is a rare mineral stone with a unique insulating feature. For this reason, it is a substance used in diverse industries. See also Properties of Mica.

Uses Of Muscovite

The unique features of mineral stones make them a favorite in many areas. The most important reason for this is the high rate of thermal insulation. Another important reason is its electrical and chemical resistance. See more Muscovite Usage.

In addition, the muscovite prevents radiation from passing through, increases water resistance, improves acoustics, increases impact resistance, obtains a fire-resistant product, and many other purposes.

  • Microwave glasses
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Guided missiles
  • Artificial snow
  • Paint (Provides durability, improves adhesion and waterproofing)
  • Oil well drilling
  • Plaster (Used to improve acoustic properties)
  • Plastics (Increases impact resistance, provides heat resistance.
  • Windows (used for gas lamps and ovens)
  • The rocket propellant, batteries, glass, laser (lithium from lepidolite)
  • Beauty products
  • Concrete block fillers (used for reinforcement, fire resistance, and sound absorption)
  • Wallpaper and wall cladding

For detailed information: the University of Waterloo – Mica 

Watch Out For Your Bills!

Watch Out For Your Bills

Monthly Energy Consumption Rates at Home Without Belka

The electric bill that you pay depends on every product. Electricity consumption is low for refrigerators, computers, and mobile phone charging. However, the energy spent on air conditioning and its energy costs is relatively high.

Living Space Before Belka

The graph shows the ratios of electricity costs based on consumption rates. As you can see, without Belka, the energy consumption rate in a house with air conditioning is very high.

Living Space After Using Belka

As seen in the graph, when used Belka, the energy consumption of the living area decreases significantly. Thus, you pay less for your bills; Belka saves you energy and money.

Keep Your Money In Your Pocket With Heat Insulation

Keep Your Money In Your Pocket With Heat Insulation

Energy Saving Rates With Thermal (Heat) Insulation

Energy saving benefits our budget and planet. Belka provides 80% thermal insulation.

The consumption of gas or electricity reduces where Belka is applied. For this reason, Belka offers considerable energy savings.

No More Worries About High Electric Bills

The Easiest Way to Reduce Electric Bill

Belka prevents the air circulation of hot and cold from inside out. Thus, the use of air conditioning decreases too. In addition, Belka keeps the heat and cold inside. It prevents you from using high amounts of fuel in your living spaces. It is a friend of your budget.

Save Your Money, Invest It For Your Children’s Future

We use air conditioners, natural gas, fans, electric stoves, and similar products to live a quality and healthy life. However, the consumption rate is relatively high in living spaces with insufficient thermal insulation.

In addition, with the yearly augmentation of energy costs, your bills increase. However, it is up to you to significantly reduce your heating or cooling expenses.

You can spend your money on your children’s future and at the same time give them a better quality of life.

Make the right choice for you and your family!

Refrain from spending the savings you can make for your family on bills. With Belka, you can get an insulated living space for many years by making a one-time investment. How about a better quality future with Belka?

Get Your Money Back With Insulated Belka

Reducing Energy Costs

With insulated Belka, you gain for many years. From the first day of use, the energy consumption of your living place decreases.

Time to Profit with Belka!

You guarantee energy efficiency with Belka. The table below shows that the budget for the air condition reduces by up to 80%.

A single application saves energy for years. Thus you can make significant savings for your family. Save the money for your children’s future, do not spend it on utility bills.

As shown in the table below, Belka saves you from bill expenses by remaining durable for many years. Belka is always with you to offer you and your loved ones a beautiful life and future!

The Profit Of Using Belka in A 100 m2 Living Space

Energy Saving With Heat Insulation

Energy Saving With Heat Insulation

It’s Time To Make A Better World

It is essential to save energy with heat (thermal) insulation. One of the first benefits of thermal insulation is to save money. However, there are many other vital situations.

We all want a promising future for our family, especially our children. We do not want them to experience the problems we have experienced. Today, our world is being damaged by increasing energy consumption daily.

Leave A Wonderful World To Your Children and the Next Generations

With Belka, giving our children a better future is very easy. First, you can save money on your electric bill and use it for your kids’ future.

Secondly, saving energy leaves a better world for the next generations. 

We take steps to protect the environment through energy efficiency. Your children will apply these fantastic steps they see from you. Thus, the next generations will also grow up aware of this.

A big step is taken with a slight touch when we look from a broad perspective. It is now straightforward to protect the future with Belka!

Benefits of Energy Saving

Belka provides energy efficiency in many living areas: home, office, hotel, gym, school, etc. Along with a healthier life with less energy consumption, we leave a better world for the next generations. In this way:

  • The quality of life in the environment increases. 
  • National security increases. 
  • External dependence decreases.
  • The resources for the next generations are protected.
  • Global warming and climate change effects reduce.


Noise Pollution Ruins Your Life!

Noise Pollution Ruins Your Life

Inadequate Sound Insulation Problems At Home Without Belka

Noise pollution is very high today. It is also known as sound pollution. Noise pollution negatively affects people’s lives. See here Noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution on Human Health

Noise has both behavioral and health effects on human health. All kinds of sounds characterized as noise cause harm to humans.

Each day, we deal with a lot of stuff as business, traffic, and other responsibilities. These cause stress. And at the end of the day, we need to relax.

Noise Pollution Causes Diseases

Our health starts to be affected by unwanted sounds. The most important of these are physiological and psychological disorders. At the same time, these sounds cause hypertension, tinnitus, high levels of stress, and nervous and sleep disorders.

Remove Stress From Your Life

One of the most important of these consequences is stress. It can lead to mental illnesses and trigger deep depression and panic attacks.

The quality of life decreases with the occurrence of these situations. We lost to have a good time will with our loved ones. Our productivity at work decreases.

It is time to put an end to all this!

How does Belka protect from noise pollution?

How does Belka protect from noise pollution

Belka’s Two Different Features in Sound Insulation


Sound insulation aims o prevent the transpassing of the sound from inside out (Entering or leaving the room). Sound insulation materials are inside the walls. They are thick products usually placed during construction. Belka is highly soundproof.

Sound Diffusion

Diffusion is a method of spreading sound energy to get a better sound. With sound diffusion, we can get perfect sound propagation. For this reason, it is of great importance in acoustic fields.

See Sound Diffusion.

Belka Provides Up To 60% Of Sound Insulation

Belka consists of 100% pure cotton. For this reason, it has a strong effect on sound insulation. Thanks to the diffusion feature of cotton, it reduces noise. It also provides good acoustics. Its soundproofing feature prevents sound transpassing from inside out and vice versa.

Belka provides both soundproofing and sound diffusion. With these two features, it differs from traditional sound insulation materials. The soundproofing rate is up to 60%.

Noise Pollution Is No Longer A Problem!

Reducing Noise With Sound Insulation

Cotton has a high insulation capacity. Belka is a natural product produced from 100% pure cotton. For this reason, Belka is also very successful in sound insulation. The sound insulation rate is up to 60%.

The cotton structure is different from other sound insulation materials.

Because it has both soundproofing and sound diffusion features, so has Belka.

How Does Up To 60% Of Sound Insulation Affect The Quality Of Your Life?

Belka is more than wall paint or traditional wallpaper. It is a new technology product to improve your quality of life. It allows you to relieve the tiredness of the whole day at home.

Outside noise cannot annoy you while having good times with your loved ones. Thus, you will have a more peaceful and calm living space.

The Importance Of A Quality Sleep

The Importance Of A Quality Sleep

The Importance Of A Quality Sleep

Getting a restful sleep has significant effects on your body and your life. Good sleep affects our emotional and physical health.

It keeps the heart healthy. It lowers your blood pressure. When the body is sleep-deprived, stress hormones increase. These can lead your body to a state of alarm, according to high blood pressure and stress hormones.

Belka helps to reduce your body’s stress levels. During sleep, the body reduces ultraviolet rays and stress. With a night of quality sleep, the body can repair itself.

With up to 60% sound insulation, Belka wallpaper helps you to have a more energetic life by improving your quality of life.

So you can spend more quality time with your loved ones. You will also be more efficient in your work.

Are you ready for a more peaceful life with Belka?

Fire Resistant Wallpaper Belka

Fire Resistant Wallpaper Belka

Using fire-resistant products in our living places has a vital priority. For this reason, we should prefer wallpaper or wall coating material that does not catch fire easily on our walls. This kind of product prevents the flames from spreading quickly. Belka does not support fire with its cotton structure.


Attention To Toxic Smoke in Case of Fire!

The fire doesn’t spread and expand on the surfaces covered by Belka. It is a life-saving feature.

Chemical-containing products emit toxical smoke when they catch fire. In many incidents, this toxic gas cause fainting or death before the fire reaches people.

Death rates due to toxic smoke caused by fire are very high. In Europe, every year, 30.000 people die due to smoke and gas emitted during a fire. [4] Fire-resistant Belka does not emit any poisonous gas in case of fire. Thanks to Belka, no one gets hurt during the fire.

[4] Brushlinsky, N.N., Sokolov, S.V., Wagner, P., Hall, J.R., World Fire Statistics, Report no:10, The Center of, Fire Statistics of CTIF, 2006. http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/ cons_safe/ presentations/21- 02/ctif.pdf

Take Precautions Against Fire

Belka is Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant

It is critical to use fire-resistant products for you and your loved ones. When applying Belka to your living places, you take a step to avoid unwanted situations.

Belka Protects You and Your Loved Ones Against Fire!

With Belka, your living spaces are getting qualified, safe and healthy. All Belka products are fire-resistant and do not contain substances harmful to humans and nature. Give yourself the value you deserve with Belka. Create the best quality living space!

Are you tired of seeing insects?

Insect Free Are You Tired of Seeing Insects

End Insect Problem with Belka!

With Belka, which does not harbor insects, your pest problem will disappear. All Belka products have a pH level of 7. Insects can’t shelter in an environment with a pH level of 7. Belka allows you to protect your home from insects. It prevents you from being exposed to many harmful effects of chemical pesticides.

What is the pH value?

PH (power of hydrogen) is a value of how acidic or alkalic the liquid is. These measurements are based on the density of acidic hydrogen ions of a substance. The range goes from 0 – 14, with seven being neutral. 0 shows that it is over-acidic. 14 indicates that it is over-alkaline. If the pH value is 7, it means that this is neutral.

Why does it matter that the pH value is seven?

Cotton Wallpaper Belka

The value of pH value equilibrium is 7.
This value is the balance of acidity and alkalinity of a substance.

It is significant to maintain the pH balance in your body. You can keep the pH balance of your body by consuming alkaline foods.

The body uses its alkaline reserves to neutralize excess acids. This situation causes a weak immune system.

When the body becomes over-acidic, premature aging, joint pain, and digestion problems can occur.

Products with high acidity (low pH) as lemon, grapefruit, vinegar, or cola, are harmful to human health. For this reason, it is recommended not to consume too much. The acidity rate of the stomach rises when high consumption and can cause damage to our bodies.

On the other hand, the pH value of substances such as bleach and surface cleaners is very high (alkali degree). Staying in areas or breathing deeply where these products are used can harm human health.

Benefits of a pH value of 7

Belka with pH

Belka with pH 7

Besides the balance of the body, creating living places with the proper pH balance for ourselves and our loved ones matters too.

As soon as we live in healthy and natural places, we become healthier mentally and physically.

Belka, which has a pH level of 7, does not harm any living creature in the area where it is applied.

Unlike other wall covering and wall painting materials, it does not release any substance harmful to health during and after the application phase.

Belka provides you with a peaceful and healthy environment.

End Insect Problems With Belka!

pH Value Must Be 7 for an Insect-Free Living Space

In an area with a pH of 7, insects cannot reproduce and create a shelter environment. For example, water has a pH of 7, so the insects cannot survive within. Insects escape from an irrigated area.

With Belka, there is no need for chemical pesticides (insecticides) to get rid of insects. Thus, Belka also protects you from the harmful effects of pesticides.

Did You Know That We Produce Pesticides From Cellulose?

A pesticide is a substance used to prevent, reduce or control harmful organisms [3]. People use pesticides against weeds, rodents, insects, and many other organisms. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we use cellulose in pesticide production because cellulose does not pose any harm to humans and nature.

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